We're Moving to California on Christmas Day
Musings About Some Laws of the Universe

Burning Questions (since a life-changing move is imminent for us)

Charlie paces his familiar route.


Could some of Charlie's extremely over-obsessive behaviors (the blue shirt, the bike stopped at the entrance to a bank) of the past three and a half months be his way of trying to ready himself for the Big Change ahead (he learend about it in August but probably had figured out something was up earlier)?

(We have been thinking, yes, and hence letting him be with said behaviors until last Sunday when it was just.too.cold.) 

How will Jim aka 'Mr. Jersey' / 'I love telling everyone how much I love New Jersey in the full knowledge that everyone gets conditioned to look down upon/ make fun of/make cracks about New Jersey' handle living not at all within driving distance of the Garden State?

(Can the Irishwaterfront relocate to the East Bay -- there is an ocean nearby and the Port of Oakland?)

Am I really going back after leaving California 27 years ago, in 1986, darned and determined to get away by going to college on the East Coast and venturing beyond?

(Yes, though I have to say, I really love Greece.)



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