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Different Bikes, Different Coasts

After a tearful start (Charlie has had the same teacher for the past three years and he is superb), Charlie had a happy, peaceful-easy feeling last day at the Big Autism Center.

Saturday, after a final haircut and shave with Vince the barber, we went out to New Jersey horse country with different bikes and, the path being covered in snow (it's in the high 50s F but snow on a cinder-strewn trail doesn't just melt), Charlie and Jim rode on the road, Charlie walking and pedaling on a black bike that we got him a couple of years ago and he refused to ride because it was not his bike.

That black Trek Navigator is now in Oakland. UPS didn't deliver the bikes on Friday as scheduled so my parents have been spending a good part of Saturday at the UPS facility waiting for the boxes to be located. One found so far Both have been found and loaded into my aunt's truck.




Kristina, I don't know how I could have possibly missed your news, but I'm so hopeful for you all. Being close to PoPo and GungGung will be so nice for Charlie (and for your parents too!).

Best of luck on a smooth transition. I'll be reading more closely in the are paving the way for so many parents of soon-to-be-adult kids with autism. Exciting and scary at the same time :)

Kristina Chew

Thanks so much! I would have loved to have seen you again -- I see your postings on FB and it sounds like things are going well? Charlie is very eager to see my parents more?

I haven't been in California fulltime since I started college out here (and met you l!).


Hmm...perhaps different "Audrey"/"audball"? I haven't met you in person I don't think (though I would be honored!). My folks are in the Bay Area and we do visit at least once or twice a year. If it's not too confusing, I'll friend request you on FB...I would love to see you pop up on my feeds so I don't miss anything :)!

Kristina Chew

@audball, aha, I'm afraid I confused you with another friend of mine (also named Audrey!)! Apologies -- in all events, very good to 'meet' you here!

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