If Life Gives You an Extra Pie Crust
Once More To The Lighthouse

I think the cosmos is sending us a subliminal message

The universe is giving us a slightly sublimal message.


It's not yet winter and Charlie has had a snow day, it's snowing today (he hasn't been on his bike since Tuesday) and it's supposed to snow this coming Tuesday. If we weren't on the verge of packing up for California for the eighth move of Charlie's life, well.

Charlie was younger for all of those previous moves and therfore less aware, and less able to communicate how he felt about it. There's too many things to attend to; I'm already half in California as it is. Maintaining our tried-and-true goal of keeping that peaceful easy-feeling remains key. 



I am awaiting your arrival with bated breath. But do us all a favor, leave teh cold snap behind, eh (been in the high 20s overnight; a tropical 34 this morning at 6).

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