The Snowy Bike Ride
I think the cosmos is sending us a subliminal message

If Life Gives You an Extra Pie Crust

What do you with an extra pie crust on a snow day on your birthday?

Tuesday we got a few inches of snow and Charlie had a snow day and was home from school so Jim's and my great plans to get the white car serviced and take me out to a birthday lunch did not occur. After an intense anxiety bout in the morning on finding himself not at school but at home (though the kids in our town still had school), and calling to go to the beach, Charlie settled in to his day at home with a good sleep in the brown chair, the not so unlikely result as he had stayed up the whole night before, feeling the oncoming storm.

After he woke up around 3pm and we went out for some shrimp chow fun, I made a pie and the house smelled good and Charlie, despite his nap and the Internet not working on his iPad, slept peacefully after midnight.


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