I think the cosmos is sending us a subliminal message
Charlie's bike precedes him

Once More To The Lighthouse

Last time at the lighthouse.


Charlie and I are minding the midnight oil here (he's got Barney on his iPad, I've got Catullus and some writing work) as not only is there a full moon but the third snowstorm in a week is due to hit in the wee hours of the morning. I'm supposed to have my final two exams on Tuesday and Jim has about six million errands to run. We'll see what actually gets done!

Sunday we made a farewell tour to the lighthouse, and the stone jetty, and the island where Charlie ran in the sand and swam in the surf. We brought the bikes but there was a strong, strong wind out of the west so a walk-run-sprint was in order. Charlie was serious on the ride down, nervous while on the island (he called successively for McDonalds, sushi [closed for the season], WaWa) and then, mission accomplished, smiled a lot on the way home. 

Son and Dad


Monica Pincus

That picture of Jim and Charlie just transports me ... wow.

Would you be going to Gray Whale Cove State Beach out there? Looks beautiful in pictures ...

Kristina Chew

It's Long Beach Island -- Charlie's 2nd home for so many years. I feel that we were both just there in the sun with the boogie board and that it's also an era gently ebbing away.

Monica Pincus

But the gently rising tides of the Pacific (peaceful-easy) Ocean era are now coming in ...

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