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If Life Gives You an Extra Pie Crust


Cori Rivers

We went on a two mile hike in the park yesterday afternoon. At that point we had 3 - 4 inches. I thought both Rufus and the dog would want to make it a short walk. Seems like they were engergized. I, on the other hand, felt the snow grabbing my feet every step we took. Guess it's not surprising that a 50 year old woman can't keep up with a 15 year old boy...

Then when we got home, he spent another half an hour in the backyard, clearing snow off of stuff...a favorite activity.

Kristina Chew

It took us over an hour to get home and then Charlie wrapped himself in his blue blanket for awhile! He walked the bike about 2/3 of the way.

We didn't get as much snow and it was more wet and icicle-y.

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