Holding Pattern (about the school placement; in motion as ever on those bikes)
On Anticipating Big Things, Bombogenesis, and Barney

Charlie is starting school in California

Next Wednesday, January 22.

He'll have been out of school for more than a month by then, his last day of school in New Jersey having been December 20.

Thanks to Jim's long-ago teaching of him to ride a bike, Charlie has hardly been idle. They've ridden over 400 miles since we arrived in California on Christmas Day and we've been relishing in having new roads, new towns, new terrain to explore.

On their rides northward by the bay, Jim took this photo.

Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday will be celebrated here in the U.S. on Monday. Without the civil rights movement,  Charlie and untold numbers of students with disabilities would not have the right not simply to attend school, but to be taught in ways that accommodate their unique needs, challenges and strengths.

The past weeks (every moment of which Jim and Charlie have spent together -- my bike only appeared in the moving van that drove up at 7.40am  yesterday) have as sure as ever made clear why Charlie needs that education.

They've also been a testament to our boy's many strengths.


Monica Pincus

So good to read that your good student will be back in school at last!

(And speaking of your boy's many strengths ... 400 miles? That's all the way up past the Oregon border. I'm very impressed.)

Kristina Chew

So by the time Charlie actually begins school, it'll be some miles past 400!


Charlie looks.fab, a Cali dude. ❤on Wed.

Kristina Chew

@Linda, thanks so much! Days of sunshine do us all good!

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