27 Years
Holding Pattern (about the school placement; in motion as ever on those bikes)

The Tight Team o' 3 Starts the Next Stage of the Journey

After a short and sweet (25 minutes) meeting at 9am with the Special Education director and a case manager (he didn't identify himself as having that title, but will be coordinating and arranging things), Charlie's information is being sent to the director of a non-public, out-of-district school north of our new town. The director is to call us on and we'll visit with Charlie and then -- he'll start.

So we had to take a ride to check out the new school during which, due to the brownish look of the hills and the oak trees , I started to reminisce about the highly formative four years I spent living in San Ramon in the early 1970s (when there was a horse grazing behind the fence of our back yard).

Then Jim and Charlie had to ride bikes, for a total of well over 20 miles. 

Are we not on a new adventure or what?




Patricia Wright

Kristina - have been following your transition closely. Very interested in how you perceive services and supports in CA given your experience in NJ. I started my career teaching at a non-public school in the Bay Area (Spectrum Center) so feel a particular affinity for you and Charlie on this journey.

Kristina Chew

Hi Patricia, It's great to hear from you! Spectrum Center was mentioned but the district is considering a different school for Charlie. He was just evaluated by the school's behaviorist today and hopefully he'll start the week after next!

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