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February Rite

February is from the Latin Februarius, which is from februum which refers to Februa, a purification ritual that fell on February 15 in the old Roman calendar. It’s related to febris, which is Latin for fever.

Historically, February has been a tough month for Charlie when he makes it clear, he has had enough of winter. A couple of years ago, it was the month he had a massive breakfown that heralded the end of his days in a neighborhood school in a special ed classroom and placements of the sort he is in currently, out of district, separate, autism- and disabilities- only.

The second week of this February (when, after steady weeks of sun, it has been raining), Charlie got into a neuro-manic mode and didn't really sleep for five days, starting on Sunday night. What he did, was very loud stomping runs that brought him thisclose to crashing into the wall, throwing items (at school -- something that has occurred in the past -- a microwave oven; at home, a great deal of dishes, boxes, garbage and recycling bin contents, and smaller tables at around midnght on Wednesday).

We'd been given some ceramic dishes on moving here. The remains of these now being in garbage bags on the curb, it's back to plastic and paper; to the things Charlie doesn't have to worry that he can break; to a simpler-ness, a Februaric cleanout.


Tim Lomas

Kristina, wish you, Jim, Charlie and all the rest of your family all the best... transitions are always hard (as you know). At least, even with the rain, it is relatively warm there. It has been below zero the last couple of days here in Denver; finally warmed up some today.


I'm sorry this has been a tough month for you all. Poor Charlie! I read once that the months between October and March see the largest number of days of barometric pressure change. Do you think that correlates to Charlie feeling uncomfortable in February? The weather is really erratic in February up here in the Pacific NW. I know both of my kids find it to be a hard month to get through. Thinking good thoughts for you guys and hoping this passes quickly for us all!

Kristina Chew

@audball. hello! I think the barometric pressure change could have something to do with it! and also, when we lived back East, Charlie often fell apart in February-- all those months of being stuck inside added up! Hope March brings good times for you and yours!

@Tim, great to hear from you! Hope it is far warmer, or at least a bit, in Denver now. I have to say, I do not miss snow.

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