In Medium Quidquid

It was a good 4-day-long-weekend

I only had to leave two voice mails with Charlie's pediatric neurologist in New Jersey to get a prescription refilled. Yay.

Charlie asked me to cut his fingernails after two days of 'no.' 

Jim and Charlie did four days of two bike rides each, averaging over 20 miles a day (and 25 miles one day; 28 miles on Monday).

Charlie wanted to keep going on highway 80 after a visit to my parents in Oakland so Jim showed me some of the sights they see (that's the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance and Angel Island on the left).

I started working on a piece/a pitch for a piece and ran up Marin Avenue again because (ask Jim!) I like running uphill best.

And I just remembered: 11 years ago we moved into our house in New Jersey on President's Day.

Or rather, we were supposed to move in that day. It was snowing, so we had to wait another day.


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