Rainy Days Can Get You Down But Bikes Are Always For Riding

Now That the Ides of February Have Passed


Starting on the Kalends of February and just as the Year of the Horse began, Charlie had a really tough time of it

(Let's put it this way: Traditionally, you clean your kitchen in anticipation of Chinese New Year and pray to the Kitchen God. After last weekend, we found ourselves with a cleaned-out kitchen, most of our cabinets having been emptied of dishes save for some soft plastic ones after the rest were hurled and thrown and I swept them into the garbage while Jim sat with Charlie. About 20 pounds of rice were cast upon the floor at 2am on Sunday night; this I consigned to the compost bin.)

In the middle of the week, after a major panic attack while Jim drove him to school on Tuesday morning, Charlie started to feel better.

And believe me, it could be a lot worse.


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