February Rite
Now That the Ides of February Have Passed

Rainy Days Can Get You Down But Bikes Are Always For Riding

It's been raining pretty much non-stop since Friday here.  I suspect all this rain (much-needed, given the drought emergency) was a reason for Charlie's week of insomnia (he slept some Thursday night for the first time since Sunday, and then not till 5am on Saturday morning), nocturnal hyperactivity and bouts of throwing objects from counters (note to self: the procurement of stainless steel cups that would be great camping equipment is a sine qua non).

After sleeping till 3pm on Saturday, there was a bike ride that resulted in squishy shoes. Despite or maybe because of these, Charlie slept all through Saturday night. Sunday started with a big smile, a throw that we answered with blandness and a dustpan (I could hear one of our past behaviorists saying to me, 'it's how you respond after it happens'), and two rainy rides.

Here's the visual proof (Charlie sporting different blue shirts de necessitudine). 

Both rides ended at the local McDonald's that has become an essential for Charlie and a reminder to us that, amid a sea of change, he needs something ultra-familiar down to the McCafé design.

The second visit included seeing my aunt, who swears by McDonald's coffee (I do beg to differ).


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