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You Were Great Spring Break But Now It's Time To Say Good Bye

Though it was raining on Friday, and though a tractor trailer jacknifed across the freeway closing down all lanes north of the Carquinez Bridge (leading to us exiting right for downtown Vacaville and proceeding at a fine pace), we went to a big brand amusement park and Charlie rode the tallest swing of his life and a very thriller sort of ride all on his own, the Tasmanian Devil.

It is the second Saturday of Spring Break and has been a very good one for Charlie, with lots of bike rides with Jim (of course) morning and afternoon, twice daily visits with my parents and me working from home Wednesday and Friday as the post-4.30pm and afterwards (till I appear at a BART station) remains the witching hour for Charlie.

Thursday morning, Charlie had requested a ride over a "bridge" and so Jim loaded up the bikes and off they went on the bridge that takes you near San Quentin. They had done this on Tuesday and had a fine ride but, on Thursday, once at the bike trail Charlie didn't want to ride and directed Jim northwards and eastward and so it was they saw the spires and wire loops and waves of rides in the distance. Charlie's face lit up at the sight and Jim was determined we would and so, on Friday, we did.

Charlie could not sleep on Thursday night out of excited anticipation of visiting the amusement park. I think the Tasmanian Devil left his stomach on the unsettled side but all in all, it was a real success of a tri.

Charlie was still up at midnight on Friday and then slept in ( I ran up Marin Boulevard and did the week's grocery shopping while Jim worked at his desk). We then drove south to Alameda where (a) Charlie and Jim had a fabulous ride on the windy bay, including  two stops to check out a game going on at Willie Stargell Field;  (b) I had a very nice visit on the marina with my cousin Barry and his kids; (c) we all made a brief (as in, we got our lunch in takeout containers) and very fine appearance at a lunch my Great Uncle Walt had organized and talked to more cousins, my sister and many others.

All great fun yet Charlie has seemed glum. I think he is anticipating the hours that stand between him and his return to school. It has occurred to me, he gets nervous quite a bit before something is to happen or rather, earlier than one would think -- he just wants to see me putting the lunchboxes in the refrigerator and setting out his swim bag for Monday's trip to the pool with his class.

The last hour is the longest.


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