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Daily Persevering

Charlie got through the long Memorial Day weekend with a total of 6 bike rides (3 on the Peninsula, 3 in Berkeley; 1 with Cousin Bobby) and no more panicky moments after the one at what Jim is terming the 'Veracruz carnival' (because the actual location of the 'Fiesta Days' carnival was in a place whose names starts with a V); went back to school in fine fashion on Tuesday; couldn't wake up till almost 10am on Wednesday and had his first tough morning in months (it was tough, but manageable); and, on Thursdsay afternoon, had an extremely upset stomach near the end of a bike ride leading to Jim hurrying him into a cheese steak shop at the lower part of University Avenue (not for a cheese steak).

Afterwards, Jim and Charlie picked me up at the Berkeley Bart station. Stepping onto Shattuck Avenue, I was pleasantly overwhelmed with a feeling of, this is where I always used to hope I'd end up.

At home, I immediately got to work doing laundry and scraping Charlie's bike clean.

Charlie went to bed cheery and early. 

Saturday (and two more, stomach-problem-less bike rides later), we went down to the Oracle HQ and Jim and Charlie rode up the Peninsula to the San Francisco airport. 


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