So this Jersey guy moved to Berkeley
A Classicist in Silicon Valley


"Peak" is the latest new word to have entered Charlie's vocabulary and no wonder, living as we are now at the foot of the Berkeley hills. My parents live in Oakland's hills and leave it to Jim to figure out how to drive, via curvy roads with hairpin turns with a steep (and long) drop down beside us (and no guardrail intervening), to their house.

It was a natural development for us, then, to venture over to Point Reyes on Saturday and a new set of windy roads and hills (and cattle grazing at historic ranches) en route to Drakes Bay and the ocean.

We had brought the bikes but ended up not doing a bike ride. It was super windy and biking by the ocean wasn't an option (the sign below notes that there are both rip tides, some other kind of tides and sharks).

Charlie's newfound wish to be in the heights has also gotten into me: Saturday and Sunday I ran up Marin Boulevard. 

You get can a better idea of its steepness from these shots taken while going down (with Jim at the wheel).

Myself, I favor running up hills. You're much more in control and the task at hand -- foot -- is quite clear and present and, from the summit and all while you descend, you  can see for miles across the Bay Area, from the Port of Richmond to south of San Francisco along with all of the Port of Oakland and the Golden Gate/Richmond-San Rafael/Bay Bridges. 

For now, Charlie prefers flat trails and tends to get off his bike and start walking and pushing. If his yearning for "peak, peak" persists, Jim is more than ready to plot out some up-so-high rides.


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