As the Bird Flies, Charlie Rides
Patterns and Colors


  At the time this photo was taken, Charlie seemed to be of the impression he had found the way to motor about forever


We are reading a book called Epitaph For a Peach in my Basic Skills English class. It recounts the season in and season out work of a Central Valley farmer, David Mas Masumoto, to grow organic peaches and grapes. It has a gentle, patient tone, its dramas the everyday work of fighting peach tree borers, checking the skies for rain in September, measuring the moistness of the soil, tracking down buyers for better-than-candy-tasting peaches that cost more than ye average fruit, picking and packing and transporting said peaches before they become over-ripe.

When I was in the eighth or ninth grade, I got a little chill of excitement when I learned that "patient" comes from the Latin verb patior, pati, passus sum, "to endure, to suffer, to allow." To be patient, and to be a patient, is to endure. To be passionate is not (if you keep the word's Latin roots in mind) all about over-heated lust and desire aflame but to have endured, to have suffered, to have been through difficilia, "difficult things," and to be (it is implied) willing and able to keep enduring, come what suffering may, again. It is to have fortitude, strength (the inner sort though the physical kind doesn't hurt to have--hard knocks are to be parried) and stamina, whether you venture on nine straight days of 108 glorious bike-riding miles (how else would we spend Charlie's Spring Break?) or cultivate not-your-average peaches for a living.

As I have been learning, bike riding with Charlie is fun. Since he was a toddler-who-didn't-toddle (Charlie walked at 16 months) and even before (Charlie was one squirmy babe-in-my-womb, a ceaseless riot of kicking, hiccuping and twisting about through the last couple months of my pregnancy), he has had a thing for motion. It is a trait he shares with Jim myself having, as has been noted in this household, an easy readiness for sitting in one place for an awfully long time with my eyes focused on a screen or book. Charlie is not going to be driving any cars so it was a good thing indeed Jim taught him to ride bikes.

Is riding bikes Charlie's passion?

The better way to put it is that riding bikes placet Carolo.

Riding bikes pleases, and is right and suitable and meet, to Charlie.




Loving the baby pictures of Charlie that you have been posting. He was one cute little human. As I only "met" Charlie on-line as a teenager it is fun to see his early years. Thanks!

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