An "Ego Sum Spartacus" Memory


Darlene Rea

This is my first ever look at a blog about Autism. Right off I noticed that it is beautiful. You live in CA, our son(s) with autism graduated the same year, and THE BIKE. My son loves riding. We have not had a meltdown since. Well, I have, but not William. William loves his bike and would like to send a picture for Charlie. William was born in Sacramento.

Kristina Chew

Thanks so much for your kind words. How is William doing? It's great to hear about him riding bikes, too; are you still in Sacramento?
Hope things are very well,

Darlene Rea

William is doing great. He is enjoying life and his bike. He really wants to send a picture for Charlie. I do not know how to load one tho. Extremely technologically challenged myself. We are in Mississippi right now. For one more year until my daughter graduates. Is Charlie into technology? William is an iPhone (Apple) whiz. If we were in CA he might be able to get a good job. No one in MS has a good job. Lol! Most have to have their own business or work out of state. Thank you so much for responding. If you or Charlie want, William Cole is the FB he is pictured on his bike.

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