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It's Charlie's last day of school today and, as he is technically in the 12th grade ("technically" as Charlie, since his first days in a classroom in 2000, has always and only been in special education programs and schools and his academic work has never accorded with his grade level and biological age), it is his last day of high school. Charlie is a member of the Class of 2015.

This past year has been one of Charlie's best, with fine gains in adding and subtracting from 1-20, learning and using de-stressing (/de-behavior storming) techniques, adding to his vocational skills (Charlie recently started a new Workability placement at a local autobody shop, doing clerical tasks). 

Charlie starts camp via his school on Monday, and then has ESY through the middle of August, and then back to school at his same school -- arrangements, and security (Charlie has been at some dozen schools in four different states since he was very young), that  ei nobisque certissime placet iuvatque. That very surely agree with, and support, him and us.

"Security" comes from the Latin for "free from care," cura meaning "care" and a whole lot else: "worry, woe, pains, anxiety, disquiet, trouble, attention, exertion, solicitude, industry, concern, thoughtfulness."

I am quite sure I shall never be "free from cura" about Charlie but it is good to know there are places and people that help make feel secure, to learn and live and grow up.



Wow. A high school graduate! Time sure does fly! Congrats to Charlie and all his accomplishments. I miss working with him.

Kristina Chew

For sure, Charlie is glad to be back at school! Hope you are very well, too.

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