The Metamorphosis or, iPads Into a Cloud of Dust
Making Contact

Some Reasons to Get Up At 4.30am to Go to an Autism Conference

  • IPP
  • supported living 
  • supported employment
  • independent living
  • direct support
  • a "quality management process" (as compared to the usual "quality assurance")
  • self-determination
  • legacy homes
  • integrated communities 
  • Section 8 vouchers
  • non-vendored
  • "you're not raising a child, you're raising an adult"
  • "being employed is a reasonable accommodation for individuals with developmental disabilities"

These are things  some of which I know my share about,  others of which I have wanted and needed, and want and need, to learn and keep learning about. And so a 2 1/2 hour intermodal (bike, electric train, diesel train but not Charlie's new joyous equine means of motion) journey to hear about these things for 8 hours straight on Friday was in order.




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