Match! Redux
On the cusp of Charlie entering 14th Grade

Further, Probably Unnecessary, Proof That I am Short


In looking over the most recent photos of Charlie as of those from his school's annual prom, and even though I have witnessed his steady and, too often, so rapid progress from toddler/children's clothes and shoes into the same sizes as Jim -- let's face it, Charlie didn't fit the 'newborn'-size ones when he came home after entering this world at Missouri Baptist Medical Center -- I still experience a pang of 'now, how did that happen (and so fast)?' (This photo makes a related point and this one, too.)


Autism Hikes

I love the title of your Blog, "We Go With Him". My son is seven, and as I look into the future, it is clear my wife and I will at all times go with him.

Kristina Chew

Thanks so much! Life has certainly been (quite a) journey so far for us. (And I like the idea of 'Autism Hikes' much -- nothing like getting our kids into the great outdoors!)

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