On the cusp of Charlie entering 14th Grade
I'm Not Politically Minded But

On Seeds


~Charlie enjoying a not-made-by-me lunch.~


It's been 15 or so years that I have been making and packing lunch for Charlie to eat at school.

He was on the gluten-free casein-free diet when he was little, so I made his lunch.

He tends to be quite particular about what / what brand / in what order of items he eats (e.g., hamburger buns are first consumed then the burger, in what is possibly a throwback to those gfcf days when we ordered 'meat in a box' for Charlie whenever at McDonald's).

His current school does not have a cafeteria and, whatever they say about breakfast being the most important meal of the day, lunch is (who can argue?) a if not the key moment of the school day.

You would think, after so many years of lunch-making, I would know to buy just the right kind of items to make the lunch-preparing activity a seamless, efficient one rather than a source of spousal dispute in need of a contractual arrangement. But no.

In the past few weeks I have opened the fold & close plastic bags only to realize I needed first to tease the seeds out of some very fine looking purple grapes, be handy with a paring knife to do the same for a tangerine, and pluck those seeds forth from Charlie's longstanding lunch staple, watermelon.

Next time I'll check to see that the tangerines I get for Charlie's school lunch are seedless.

Someone once told me fruit with seeds -- in the days before seedless varieties of melons etc. were created -- is sweeter. 

Charlie likes his fruit.


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