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Back On the Road


Remember how I went to every private autism school in New Jersey and a few more to spare and we moved in with Jim's parents and then Charlie could not handle being in the special education program in the local middle school and then he went to the Developmental Learning Center and then we left New Jersey for points 3,000 miles West and he landed at the wonderful Bay Area autism school where we just had his penultimate IEP meeting last Thursday?

Since Charlie is turning 22 in May of 2019 we're back on the road looking for an adult day program. I tour the first one tomorrow.



I am in OZ at present but check in to Charlie when possible . Positive thoughts for more progress for Charlie with adult day program

WOW! Feel like it was yesterday when I was reading about you and Charlie going swimming at the pools in NJ and you were talking about how Charlie was becoming taller than you. Excited to hear about Charlie's next steps into adulthood.


I remember reading your journey back then, too. Back then there was another mother whose son with autism was already living in a protected community & she published a book. Her son had a proclivity for mowing grass. Darn it but I cannot remember the names. Here in Texas (which I do not expect you to consider) I am familiar with a community designed for adults with disabilities called Down Home Ranch. You might want to read into the website & look at the model they have developed.

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